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Singer Review of Professional Song 5

You should invest in an excellent singer machine if you want your clothes to look professional. Multiple sewing capabilities, a sturdy metal frame, a straightforward color-coded threading system, and several settings make singing a breeze with the Singer Professional 5.

Features and Specifications

  • Heavy steel frame
  • 12 pieces built
  • 2-3-4-5-cutting skills
  • Run at 1,300 pm
  • Four built-in coiled hems
  • Color-coded system and fire extinguisher
  • Adjustable length stitch
  • Self-correcting stress systems
  • Clear, tight pockets

Our SINGER 5 14T968DC Singer Review


The Singer Professional 5 singer can cut seams, finish seams, and even seam allowances all in one process to save time. It includes a high push foot and a range of functions and features to give your projects a professional look. The 14T968DC is available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 seams to accommodate your serging demands.

With a build capacity of 1,300 points per minute (spam), you can complete projects quickly. You can also set a higher sewing speed if you are concerned about speed. Our favorite thing about this machine is getting most of the wrinkles and finishes you see in store-bought fabric. Multiple construction features allow various points to be connected. Make a simple narrow hem or a flat knit top that won’t jump.

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I strongly advise you to 4 Laminated Hem Options with 12 Points

There are four different coiled hem options built-in. Slide a lever to change the machine seam to a rolled hem without changing the outside seam plate. There are also 12 useful built-in functions for sewing and embroidery. You can adjust the desired points by adjusting the length and width. The machine automatically adjusts the pressure depending on which end you select.

The automatic tensioning function makes your life easier. It takes one more step out of the knitting process 14T968DC has a range of coverage locations and feeds, allowing you to construct stretch textiles without fear of wave distortion or tangles. The decks come in three sizes: narrow, comprehensive, and triple. It also comes with a double chain that adds a lovely ornamental touch to your projects.

Extra Pressure Feet

To make your life easier, Singer has a variety of foot pressure increases, including elasticity:

  • It is known as Beading
  • Conspiracy theory
  • Hem the blind
  • Making a ribbon
  • Making a rope

All of these heavily pressed feet might assist you in achieving that store-bought look.

The use of color-coding Capture

A color-coded wiring system makes your life easier by establishing wire routes for each wire using specific colors. You’ll also discover reference diagrams written on the machine itself, removing the need to look for instruction manuals to use it. The color-coded output makes life easier, especially when the equipment has five separate wires.

Clean pockets

As this singer will raise seams, finish seams, and keep seam allowances in one step, you’ll have to worry about collecting and throwing away extra fabric. The Singer shuts you down. They have a clean pocket that you can attach to the front of the machine to catch any leftover fabric that has been cut. The neat bag is an excellent addition. It makes your life a little easier by collecting pieces of clothing that you can save for the future or throw away easily.

Heavy-duty design

We like that the machine has a heavy metal frame. This singer also has a smooth stainless steel bedplate for easy sliding when sewing fabric. This makes it easier to work with softer materials, like silk, that can be easily folded into other types of bedding. The 14T968DC weighs 18.6 pounds, but the dimensions are still relatively small: 13.5″ x 10.5″ x 11.5.” Whether you have a large craft room or a small sewing table, you should have no problem finding a place for this machine in your home.

The big problem with many new sewing machines and singers is that they are made entirely of plastic. Plastic can still be durable, but it is a lightweight material that can be difficult to lift at higher speeds. The machine’s metal frame helps keep it in place during use and prevents jumping. Plus, LED lights help create a bright workspace and stay cool to the touch for extra protection. If you want to work with oversized fabrics, there’s an extra squeezed leg lift to make your life easier.

This design can be used effectively

One thing you’ll notice about the 14T968DC is its usability. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but the book guides you, and it’s straightforward to get the hang of it. Unlike other brands, this manual comes with a reasonably easy-to-follow model with clear instructions. This machine makes using a singer less scary if you’ve never used one before. It’s easy to make the machine work to get your projects done faster. We still recommend giving it a few tries to learn how to use it and with points. But overall, it’s an easy machine to use – especially compared to the competition.

  • It is easy to use
  • Color-coded wiring
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Multiple point options
  • Fast build speed
  • Stainless steel bedding plate to slide over fabric easily
  • It has a high presser foot
  • Lots of stitches and laminated hem options
  • Professional results
  • Tension-bearing materials

Some users have problems with the automatic voltage feature. They complained that the rope broke after only a short stitch. The same users have also complained about having trouble filtering the machine. We guessed that the device was misthreaded, causing the thread to break.

There were a few complainers about the strain. The vast majority of users love this machine and the professional results it delivers. On Amazon, you can see pricing and more information on the Singer Professional 5.

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